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Qtake Monitor and wireless setup

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Qtake Monitor and wireless setup

Postby Bryanlee » Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:01 pm

Hi all , we will have an upcoming car shoot with vehicles trekking shots . We are asked to setup the Qtake with few wireless ipads for few main key personel on the job . With each of them on different vehicles . I would like to know what is the best setup that i can achieve this.

((Please note : we have not down this kindof job with wifi before only with wireless transmitters. ))

Was thinking to:
1) Setup qtake in the main trekking vehicles with the router
2) setup each of the vehicles with the key personel with and ipad and also a wireless repeater on the roof of the car.

Any suggestions on this setup my fellow friends ?

What about choice of Router ?
Was recommended Asus AC3100 , was wondering if TP-link AC3200 or TP-link AC5400 will be comparable or better in terms of spec? Both TP link is more accessible to us here.

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Re: Qtake Monitor and wireless setup

Postby VideoServicesBerlin » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi Bryan,

I don't know how often and how many different wireless solutions you did use for similar setups.
My experience in 15 years is that there is very few of all this wireless- and not cheap -gear making this work porperly.

Wifi has limits big time (!) so if you are brave enough to try this out with more than two vehicles on the move your clinents should be ok with brake ups, pixelating etc..

Ipads cannot run as smooth as a COFDM Handheld, it's in the physics. It can perfom really good, and on the next day with a lot of interference cut 80% of range even if you find a free channel (if there is), getting pixels and so..

Dont ge me wrong. I love this feature- so do most directors.
No one wants to hold heavier as an ipad for monitoring.
Watch 2 or 4 cams with talkback to the VTR's revolutionary-

Using this for several vehicles on the move though I would not recommend..
Maybe you did already since your question is a week old? If so may I ask how it did perform?

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Re: Qtake Monitor and wireless setup

Postby Bryanlee » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:16 pm

HI , we ended up using the ofdm transmitters with 2 receivers. Works ok. Hopefully we will get to test more with the Qtakestream + ipads + ubiquiti rocketsm5 combo.

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