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Slate sort order

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Slate sort order

Postby paxman » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:17 am

Under standard American slating, shots are slated by scene with a single letter alphabetical suffix which wraps around to a double letter suffix once the end of the alphabet has been reached.

e.g scene 6:

- first slate is 6
- next slate is 6A
- then 6B, 6C... 6Z
- then 6AA, 6AB, 6AC....6AZ
- then 6BA, 6BB, 6BC...6BZ

and so on.

This is standard practice worldwide where American slating is used.

However, qtake does not recognise it and simply sorts alphabetically e.g.

6, 6A, 6AA, 6AB...6AZ, 6B, 6BA...BZ, 6C and so on.

I'm a script supervisor not video assist, but speaking with my video assists none of them to date are aware of any way to change this behaviour in qtake.

But it would be a very easy fix and save a huge amount of time, frustration and miscommunication.

Based on this forum post viewtopic.php?f=6&t=906&p=3614&hilit=slating&sid=c83bb14b797229ad62d3c51bb98a075d#p3614, the same thing occurs with consecutive/British slating - "Also the sorting of the files is less than intuitive - slates, 5, 50 and 500 being bundled together in the listing". This would be an even easier fix.
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Re: Slate sort order

Postby admin » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:05 pm

That's not true. American slating is working as it should with QTAKE (see photo). There were issues with British slating, but that was also fixed long time ago.

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